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Tour application flow

Flow from your application to departure


You can ask us by email of on the phone. When you come to our office, we’d appreciate it if you told us the time and date in advance.
Please feel free to ask us for the itinerary other than the tour plans on our website.
We will suggest an itinerary for your plan and budget.
** Please take out travel insurance by yourselves.


After you apply to us, we will send you the invoice as well as start bookings.
** Flight tickets would be issued after we receive your payment, and the E-tickets would be sent by an email.


We would accept your payment through a bank transfer or by credit card (VISA / Master).
Please pay the full amount in advance.
We would not accept your payment at the start of the tour in principle.

** If the invoice amount is larger than USD 2,000, we may ask you to pay a part of the total amount as the application fee. In this case, please pay the rest of the amount by 2 weeks before the tour starts.
** The cancellation fee differs depending on which hotel has been booked or if a flight ticket has been booked or not.
** We would accept US dollars, Japanese yen or Nepalese rupees. Please ask us if you’d like to pay by any other currency.


After we finish arranging your tour, we will send you the final itinerary around 10 days before the tour starts. Enjoy your tour!

**Saiyu Nepal is a local subsidiary in Nepal.

Cancellation policy

Until 16 days before the tour starts


From 15 days to 8 days before the tour starts 20% of the tour fee
From 7 days to 3 days before the tour starts 30% of the tour fee
2 days before the tour starts: 50% of the tour fee 50% of the tour fee
After 05:00 PM of the day which is 2 days before the tour starts 100% of the tour fee

** In the festival seasons and busy seasons, some hotels may charge their cancellation charges before the dates of this policy. In that case we would tell you when we start the bookings.
** If our bookings include the domestic flights, our cancellation charge will follow the airlines’ cancellation policies prior to above.