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Everest Mountain Flight

The way to view Mt. Everest, the summit in the world and the bright snow covered mountain ranges of Himalaya not by trekking is “Mountain Flight (Everest Mountain Flight)” departs from the capital city, Kathmandu.  The mountain flights are operated by Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air and Simrik Airlines, etc. 

Trekking along the Everest road requires energies and time.  If you do not have enough time but do want to see Mt. Everest nearby easily, the mountain flights are highly recommended.  About one hour flight from and to Kathmandu provides you an opportunity to see Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, and the celebrated mountain ranges of Himalaya.   

A mountain flight is largely influenced by the weather, however.  If it is judged unable to see the ranges of Himalaya, the scheduled flight is cancelled.  Also, a dense fog around the Kathmandu Airport could sometimes cause the delay of departure, so please make your schedule on the flight day not be full considering the delay of departure. 

料金 Price

●Air Fare: US$195
(including airport fee US$3)

●Sedan 1 car to and from airport: from US$20 (Maximum 3 person can ride in)
●Wagon 1 car to and from airport: from US$31 (Maximum 5 person can ride in)
●Japanese speaking guide to and from airport: Above mentioned private car price + US$15
●English speaking guide to and from airport: Above mentioned private car price + US$13

※No refund of transportation service fee to and from airport even if a flight to be cancelled.
※If you want to change the flight reservation to the next day’s or to the other day’s due to the scheduled flight is cancelled, that can be processed at the airline counter in the airport, and we could arrange (process) it, as well.

Cancel Policy ※at present of July 1st, 2014

Cancellation by 17:00 on two days before the flight day: The amount of air fare deducted 10% and the handling charge US$15 will be refunded.
Cancellation by 17:00 on one day before the flight day: The amount of air fare deducted 33.33% and the handling charge US$15 will be refunded.
Cancellation on the flight day: No refund due to 100% cancellation charge is required..  
※The total amount of air fare of Everest Mountain Flight is US$206 (Air Fare US$140 + Taxes US$56.5) (Applicable to the air fares in and after October 2014).
※In case of flight cancellation due to the reasons of airline company and/or weather conditions, the amount of air fare deducted a handling charge US$15 will be refunded.
※Cancellation policy would be changed by airline companies without a notice beforehand.  Please confirm on the updated cancellation policy, when you apply.

Enquiry / Application

We respond to enquiries and applications by emai) or by telephone.
Please inform us the date you want to trip, the number of people and their names (the same names spelled on the passports), the transportation to and from (a chauffeur service) is needed (if needed, please notice the hotel name you stay in). After your reservation is completed, we ask your payment. After we confirm your payment, then the air ticket as E-mail ticket is issued and sent to your e-mail address.
>> Reservation form

Notice about application to Everest Mountain Flight

The operation of Everest Mountain Flight is influenced largely by weather. Therefore, the flight departure time would be delayed far behind the schedule. After a couple of hours waiting, then the airplane would depart, or the flight would be cancelled. Even if the flight is operated, it may take some time to land because the heavy fog in the sky around Kathmandu makes the airplane would circle in the sky. Or it is a rare case, but an airplane temporarily lands on Pokara to wait until the weather would recover. Therefore, we would ask you to make your morning schedule on the mountain flight day not be full.


Naturally, the mountain flight is influenced by weather. If the periphery of Kathmandu airport is cloudy but the Everest areas are fine and able to depart, the flight is operated. On the contrary, Kathmandu is fine but the Everest areas are cloudy, the flight is not operated.
  • Check in at the domestic line in Kathmandu Airport in the early morning.
    The seat number is stated on the boarding card.
    After waited for the weather recovery at the lobby in the airport,
    a message to suggest the flight boarding was announced.
  • All passengers seat at the window side, so they can view the mountains either on outward trip or on return trip.
    The flight from boarding to departure from the Kathmandu airport is processed at once.
  • View the townscape of Kathmandu below, fly on the clouds and
    view a panorama of mountain ranges of Himalaya shining in white.
  • What a surprise, in the flight you appreciate the sceneries through the windows in the cockpit by turns
  • A view of Everest periphery through the side window in the cockpit
  • Reach near Mt. Everest in about twenty minutes from the departure at Kathmandu.
    Then, return to Kathmandu. It is about one hour flight from the departure to return to Kathmandu,
    but you would appreciate the dreamlike Himalayan sceneries.